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LaserLight Prints is a small business that has operated for 16 years in Aptos, Santa Cruz County, California.

LaserLight Prints was founded in 1997 by Bill Nordstrom to focus on color prints and fine art reproductions of world-class quality.

Today we print on metal, canvas, polyester and ceramic tile — in addition to your choice of 8 types of paper, each carefully selected based on our extensive hands-on experience.

We offer neither economy prints nor 1-hour service. Rather, we offer a sweet spot in balancing price and quality on superior prints, posters and greeting cards/announcements. And we continue to support the fine art market with world-class products and services.

Our Experienced Team

LaserLight currently has a team of four. As a successful 15-year-old small business, we understand how to offer traditional, American-style customer support.

Bill Nordstrom

Each and every print or reproduction is personally made, or personally quality checked, by Bill Nordstrom. His 50+ years experience making color separations and fine art prints includes tri-color carbro, dye transfer, Cibachrome, type-C printing and type-R printing. Over the years, Bill originated several pigment-transfer processes and dye-print processes that became quite well known. Bill has consistently been a pioneer in evolving the graphic arts into the world of digital technology. He also sits on the Graphic Arts Advisory Board of nearby Cabrillo College.

Kenneth Parker

In 2012, Kenneth Parker joined the team as Production Manager. He is a talented, established photographer with decades of experience in photography worldwide, and prime photo labs. You can check out his portfolio of fine art gallery imagery at:

If you're in the Bay Area or visiting, you are cordially invited to drop by. Feel free to bring a few of your photos or other art work for a free, no-obligation, personal consultation with Bill, Ken or both. Appointments are suggested but not required during business hours.

Our Capable Equipment

LaserLight Prints occupies a 2800 sq-ft gallery and production lab in a retail mall in Aptos, Santa Cruz County, California. Our state-of-the art equipment includes three giclée printers, two scanners, a dye-sublimation heat press, several color-calibrated Macintosh workstations, and over 4 TB (terabytes) of mirrored storage for archiving our client's digital image files.

Bill Nordstrom standing next to our 44-inch Canon
           giclée printer

Shown above is our workhorse printer, which is a state-of-the-art 44-inch Canon giclée printer. Our backup printer is also a Canon and has equivalent giclée quality, but uses a 17-inch roll of paper. Each uses 12 different inks, with the following pigments: black (very light), black (light), black (dark, glossy), black (dark, matte), blue, cyan, cyan (light), green, magenta, magenta (light), red, and yellow. Each renders your digital image file at an unbelievably high density of DPI (dots per inch).

Metal prints and ceramic-tile prints undergo dye sublimation at 400° F inside our 32 x 45 inch heat press. Epson® makes our 44-inch dye-sublimation printer, which uses the following 7 dye colors: black; black (light); cyan; cyan (light); magenta; magenta (light); and yellow. This printer uses rolls of transfer material specially designed for dye sublimation. Most dye-sublimation printers are designed for simpler applications, e.g., wallpaper or signs, with as few as four colors of dye. Thus, such printers simply cannot render fine art-quality, continuous-tone images — the sort of images at which our equipment, processes, and technicians excel.

Our Cruse® Synchron Moving-Table Scanner is a proud member of the world-class product line used by the Getty Museum, the Smithsonian and the Vatican. Fluorescent strips provide very bright and highly uniform lighting. Its linear CCD array precisely aligns with the center of its lens to minimize lens-induced distortion. The equipment remains stationary while your artwork rests on a light-weight table that slowly moves under the control of precision servo motors.

We can scan any object up to 36 inches by 48 inches with a surface depth to about one inch. The Cruse Synchron can transform your artwork into an image file ranging in size up to 500 MB.

Our Heidelberg® Tango PMT Drum Scanner accepts transparencies, negatives and prints up to 11 by 14 inches, spins it at 1800 rpm, and scans at an ultra-high resolution — a resolution of up to 12,000 DPI. Your image is captured by a PMT (photo-multiplier tube). By creating a multiplicative cascade of photons, PMTs are incredibly sensitive at detecting and measuring light. After this powerful amplification process, the light is split into its component colors. Thus unlike every CCD-based imaging system, there is absolutely zero spatial offset between the red color value, the green color value, and the blue color value for the same pixel location. In practical terms, very little post-scanning, un-sharp masking is required; thus, your image is digitally captured with exceptional sharpness.

Our Heidelberg Tango PMT Drum Scanner can transform your precious photo collection into a complete set of digital-image files, with each as large as 750 MB.

Last but not least, LaserLight Prints is firmly ensconced in the digital millennium. We have several powerful Apple workstations, each with a large flat-panel cinema display that is carefully color-calibrated with a spectral photometer. State-of-the-art software converts your image file into a gazillion commands to our printers — each directing the precise deposition of a tiny droplet of giclée ink, or to actually skip over that particular dot position entirely.

If you're in the Bay Area or visiting, you're cordially invited to drop by. Our $250K print-making lab could interest you. Our gallery of over ninety fine art photo prints and artwork reproductions could dazzle you with its colors. Appointments are suggested, but not required during business hours.

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