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LaserLight Prints reproduces fine art and prints photos on Hahnemühle® canvas.

When you compare prices among printmakers, take into account the quality, the skill and the time we will put into your fine art print or reproduction. Order from us and your work will be produced on our 44-inch Canon giclée printer. It will be made using 12 colors of archival pigment, thus rendering an unusually wide color gamut and rich contrast range. You'll see at a glance the difference that our expensive and additional pigment colors make over standard printing.

Today various manufacturers make a wide range of canvas materials for giclée printing. However you might not want to spend the time to research the relevant information, let alone the time and money required to produce and evaluate a series of test prints.

Well not to worry — we've already done that for you. And more. Over many years, we have tested a wide variety of high-quality giclée canvas media and have selected the singular brand we believe to currently be the best of the field.

Matte-Finish Canvas

HARMAN® by Hahnemühle®

HARMAN by Hahnemühle is a blended-fabric, matte-surface inkjet medium featuring an extremely fine-woven structure ideal for laying out on stretcher-bar frames. It is water-resistant. It's also buffered to protect against harsh environment and is acid-free, thus giving it excellent archival properties. As such it is highly compatible with the museum-quality archival pigments we use in printing.

Visually, it has a wide tonal range with bright clean whites and deep blacks.

This impressive canvas material is poly-cotton based and rated at 99% opacity, 109 ISO whiteness with 450 gsm weight.

High-Gloss Canvas

Hahnemühle® Leonardo Canvas

Leonardo Canvas is a white poly-cotton material with archival quality. Its premium high-gloss coating forms a water-resistant, hard-wearing surface that requires no varnishing after printing. The material is easy to stretch and wraps securely around stretcher bars.

Visually, this medium is an industry-wide leader in terms of density, color gamut, gradation and image sharpness. Its fine, smooth surface structure readily absorbs the giclée pigment inks.

We just recently began working with this high-grade medium, which was just released in 2013. We are pleased with it, and no longer offer any coatings for our canvas prints and reproductions.

This handsome new canvas material is rated at 98% opacity, 93.5 ISO whiteness and 390 gsm weight.

Canvas Pricing

Pricing of our canvas prints is calculated by the square inch (sq in). The per-sq-in pricing decreases as the size of your work increases.

When you place an order for 2 to 9 reproductions of the same image in the same size you receive 10% off each (as shown). For 10 or more your discount is 20% (not shown).

Our shipping price is $25 per order, or $35 if any of your reproductions are larger than 20 by 25 inches. These prices assume that you use FedEx Ground or OnTrac.

Print or Reproduction on
Up to
130 sq in 
 125 sq in 
 275 sq in 
 700 sq in 
 900 sq in 
 1250 sq in
$25 18¢
per sq in
16¢ 15¢ 13¢ 12¢
Copies 2 to 9 $22 16¢
per sq in
14¢ 13¢ 12¢ 11¢
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