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LaserLight Prints makes cost-effective, continuous-tone greeting cards, invitations and announcements

How nice would it be if your personal note, dinner party or wedding invitation, or commercial promotion, were to include a vivid, 12-color rendering of your photo or artwork — a rendering printed on luxurious Velvet Crane card stock? If you have a quality image, then your card could be very nice indeed.


Folded, your card is 5-1/2 x 7-3/8 inches, with your image on the front. Your text is printed on the back — perhaps your home address, phone, and email, or perhaps your business website. The center of your card is not printed, so you can handwrite a personalized thank you note, invitation, etc. Fold your card, place it in the thick envelope we provide, and attach standard 1oz postage. In today's e-everything world, how big a smile will your classy card create?

Some of our clients find these cards a successful way to market their images, and price each card at $10 to $20. Will visiting Big Sur trigger buying a memento, or note to mail to the grandkids? Will that purchase include an unusually vivid print of your photo of the lighthouse, bridge, or rock arch?

Some clients frame cards as as mini-giclée prints.

We sell these greeting cards and announcements in lots of 10 at $2.25 per card. If you need over 50 cards or a more cost-conscious price point, then contact us for a quote -- less luxurious paper stock is available.

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