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Most of our customers order by phone or email. This helps us offer superior customer service.

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Ordering from LaserLight Prints:

Placing Your Order

Ordering from LaserLight Prints is easy. You can use mail, email or simply phone us. Please include all of your custom printing instructions and preferences — the more specific the better.

Please don't forget your name, exact ship-to address, telephone number, email address, and how you plan to pay.

Transferring Your Digital-Image Files or Artwork Originals to Us

Transferring Your Digital Image Files:
Email, Hightail, Dropbox, FTP

Please rename each digital image file you send us to include some form of your name. If your file is named "DSC-0205", then a file named something like "Jim Jones 0205" or "Jones 0205" works better at our end.

For most of our clients with large files we recommend — it's free to you and easy to use. Most digital photographers find the user interface to be simple and straightforward. Feel free to phone us if you have any questions or encounter a glitch, but we hope this is the only instruction you'll need: Click here for LaserLight Prints' page on

There are other communication methods we accept depending on your situation. Feel free to contact us to discuss your options for transferring image files.

When your digital files are small enough you can simply email them to us. 'Small' here generally refers to files up to about 15 MB per email depending on your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

If your image files are already stored in the Cloud (such as on, then simply contact us with their access info: links, login and password.

Hightail and the Cloud might limit you to image files of 300–500 MB each. For very large files (which we actually prefer), either of the following two methods work well: 1) For fastest turnaround, you may transfer your files to us with a reasonably fast Internet connection using the widely supported FTP (File Transfer Protocol), or 2) Write your image file onto a CD, or thumb drive and mail it to us. Contact us for details.

Again, please don't forget: name, exact ship-to address, telephone number, email address and payment method. The brief message included with every Hightail transfer may need to be supplemented by an email with more specific printing instructions. And of course every FTP upload must be accompanied by an email or phone call or we won't know that your file has arrived.

Now a few words to the wise: You unlikely to be happy with the result if we dramatically enlarge those tiny little files from your 4 x 6 vacation snapshots. Nor will you like a print of a house with unusual off-color paint, which we mistakenly 'correct' to print as shades of neutral gray. So do please send us a color-check print, or phone us and we'll discuss your image while viewing it on our calibrated monitor.

You are also unlikely to be satisfied with a large, quality rendering of a file that has been repeatedly saved as a JPEG file. The JPEG standard, among others, uses image compression for the purposes of smaller storage requirements and faster transfer times. However to put it in geek terms, such compression is considerably 'lossy'. In artistic terms, using JPEG files inevitably compromises the quality of your image. When you save and re-save any digital image file, you may be repeatedly mangling the poor creature to death.
Click here for LaserLight Prints' FAQ on 'Camera and Digital File Tips and Techniques'

Transferring Your Originals for Image Capture

With drum scanning we accept originals in the form of transparencies, negatives (please send a color-guide print) and prints up to 11 x 14 inches. Originals must be flat.

For moving-table scanning, we accept paintings, watercolors, sketches, collages or any reflective originals up to 36 x 48 inches. Originals may be flat or have a surface depth up to one inch.

We do our utmost to protect your precious original once delivered to us. However, if it is lost, stolen, or damaged, our liability is limited to replacing it with a like quantity of equivalent raw media.

When you ship to us original artwork or photo media, be sure to package it very, very carefully to thoroughly protect it. Feel free to phone us for a packaging consultation.

Always choose a reliable and reputable carrier. Also be sure to use a class of service that lets you easily track your shipment, such as FedEx who supports this via tracking numbers usable on their website. Every carrier occasionally mis-routes, but if this happens to a tracked package then your originals can usually be located quickly via the carrier's database.

Order Processing and Payment

Print Lab Processing

Some of our returning clients skip the process of first having us make proof prints for their approval, which are generally 8 x 10. However we do strongly encourage doing proofs, especially for new clients or with metal or tile prints.

Please allow 5–7 working days to receive your proofs. Upon approval, please then allow another 5–7 days to receive your order. If you order a ProMagic™ Metal print with our floating frame mounting, then allow an extra few days for this custom framing.

We do accept work on a rush basis. If you know you will need this after a photo shoot or for a deadline, then please call ahead to help us fit your order into our workflow.

Payment Processing

All orders are COD, that is, you pay when you pick up your order. We charge your credit card or deposit your check after we complete your order and before we ship it.

You can pay via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, money order, personal or business check. Neither emails to us nor messages sent via Hightail are encrypted. Therefore include how you plan to pay, but save credit-card details for a phone conversation with us.

Shipping Your Order to You

Unless you request otherwise, we will ship your order either via FedEx Ground or, within most Western states, the less expensive and equally reliable OnTrac Ground. Often clients request shipping via FedEx Overnight, 2Day, or 3Day (Express Saver) services.

We charge appropriately for expedited lab work, for international shipping, for packaging oversize or heavy orders, and for insurance in excess of the carrier's standard coverage.

We take great care to properly package your order to protect it during shipment to you. We rarely have trouble with our carriers, and they have have been quick to make amends on those rare occasions when needed. However, LaserLight Prints' liability ends when the carrier accepts the shipment.

On request, we're happy to ship your order directly to your client at no extra charge.

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