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LaserLight Prints prints on photo-style paper at the sweet spot — the spot that balances cost with quality.

When comparing prices, we suggest you take into account the skill, the time and the top-quality media and ink that we'll put into your print or artwork reproduction. Order from us, and our Canon giclée printer will make your print, using 12 colors of museum-quality, archival-pigment ink. Our inks cost hundreds of dollars per liter, but render both an unusually wide gamut of colors and a rich range of contrast. You'll see at a glance the improvement our color quality makes over everyday, mundane, muggle prints.

Today, a variety of manufacturers make a wide range of papers for giclée printing. Even if you're fortunate enough to own a quality printer, that's merely a starting point. You might not want to spend the time to research the various brands of paper, let along the time and money required to produce and evaluate test prints.

Well not to worry — we've already done that for you — that and more. Over many years, we've tested and used in high volume a great many brands of giclée papers and inks.

For your choice of each of the following three surfaces / paper types, we've selected the singular brand we believe to be the best currently available.

Our prices provide you with cost-effective quality — particularly considering that your mounting, matting, and framing costs can easily be several times your printmaking cost.

Luster Photo Prints

Hahnemühle® Photo Luster 290 Paper

Hahnemühle is well known for its broad product line of high-quality photo and fine art print media, each of which makes available an exceptional color gamut for vivid color reproduction. This 2013-released paper is one of their best performers. Notably, it is both heavier in weight and it has brighter white highlights than older luster papers, for example, those from Epson.

For prints of photographic images, Hahnemühle Photo Luster is the most popular choice among our clients — most popular by a large margin. Perhaps that's because it features the same look and feel — the same elegant fine photographic finish — as traditional E-surface, wet-chemistry, silver-halide emulsion prints. The luster look and feel still remains a favorite among most professional photographers — even those who work exclusively with digital images and giclée printing.

This elegant paper is bright white, with a semi-gloss finish that has a smooth surface and micro-porous coating. It offers higher stability than most inkjet photo papers, which helps us guarantee prints that are long-lasting and fade-resistant prints. It has high opacity. It has excellent rigidity for very consistent flatness.

In our search for the best available paper with the highly popular luster finish, we purchased rolls and samples from a wide variety of familiar as well as from lesser-known manufacturers. We openly and honestly tested and evaluated but, after that, it was an easy decision to make Hahnemühle Photo Luster 290 will be the one and only paper we carry with the popular, traditional and sleek luster finish.

This paper is rated at 96% opacity, 110 ISO whiteness and 290 Grams per Square Meter (GSM) weight.

Glossy Photo Prints

Hahnemühle® Photo Glossy 290 Paper

Hahnemühle is well known for its broad product line of high-quality photo and fine art print media, each of which makes available an exceptional color gamut for vivid color reproduction. This 2013-released paper is one of Hahnemühle's best performers. Most notably, Hahnemühle Photo Glossy 290 has a heavier-weight and is significantly whiter than older glossy papers, for example, those made by Epson.

This advanced paper is bright white, with a high-gloss finish having an ultra-smooth surface. It's micro-porous coating features higher stability than most inkjet / giclée photo-style papers — stability that helps us guarantee prints that are long lasting and fade resistant. It has high opacity and excellent rigidity for very consistent flatness.

This paper is rated at 97% opacity, 145 ISO whiteness and 290 GSM weight.

Metallic Photo Prints

Fujifilm® Pearl Metallic Photo Paper

This is a high quality, water-resistant paper presenting another perfect choice for reproducing a certain style of refined, "artsy" images. It offers an outstanding color gamut with a beautiful high-gloss finish. It adds an intriguingly and genuinely metallic look and feel to images, which can bring out new attributes and hidden possibilities in your artistic work.

Fujifilm Pearl is ideal for selected high-contrast color images, and it can also add a captivating, specialized, highly artistic effect to black-and-white. This paper won't work well with every image, but consider this paper whenever interesting portions of your subject have a reflective, metallic, glassy, or shiny appearance. FujiFilm Pearl can make the highlights within your print or reproduction "really shine", that is, "shine" in the most literal and real sense of the word.

This paper is rated at 97% opacity, 79 ISO whiteness and 260 GSM weight.

Pricing for Prints and Reproductions on Photo-Style Paper

The pricing table for our five different types of fine art paper is here.

The table that follows applies to prints or artwork reproductions on any of our three types of photo-style paper. These are:

  • Hahnemühle Photo Luster;
  • Hahnemühle Photo Glossy 290; and
  • Fujifilm Pearl.

Size First copy on
photo-style paper
up to
8 x 10"
8 x 12" $22
9.3 x 14"
11 x 14"
11.3 x 17" $30
14 x 17" $35
13.3 x 20" $40
16 x 20" $45
16 x 24" $50
18 x 24"
20 x 24"
Size First copy on
photo-style paper
20 x 30" $60
24 x 30" $70
24 x 32"
24 x 36"
30 x 40"
32 x 40"
32 x 44"
36 x 44"
44 x 50" $200
44" by
truly humongous
Please call

When you order 2 to 4 prints of the same image at the same size your discount is 10%. For 5 or more prints, please contact us for pricing.

We routinely make odd-size prints, e.g., for photographers who use the 'golden ratio' as their aspect ratio. If your print size is not shown above, then our price is what's shown for the next higher size.

Unless you specify otherwise, we will deliver your print with a one-inch white border on all four sides. You pay for the printed area, not including this border.

We can make prints on any of our paper media as small as you want. However, any size up to and including 8 by 10 inches is the same price.

We highly recommend you request an 8 by 10 inch proof before making large prints or reproductions. We will proof on the exact same paper you selected for your print, and we only charge $20 each proof. If you request image adjustments after you physically see your proof then, of course, we'll make those at no additional charge.

We typically charge $25 per order for packing and shipping. We may charge more if your order includes a print larger than 20 x 24 inches, or if you select a shipping option other than FedEx Ground or OnTrac.

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