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LaserLight Prints reproduces fine art and prints photos on Fuji® Hi-Gloss JetFlex Polyester Prints.

We've selected the singular brand of polyester sheet we believe to currently be the best of the field that most closely resembles the old super-high-gloss FujiFlex polyester photographic prints:

High-Gloss Polyester Film

Fuji® JetFlex Display Film

Fuji JetFlex Display Film is a 2013-released, high-quality, water-resistant and tear-resistant medium. Polyester plastic sheets excel at making display graphics and could add a new, wrinkle-free wrinkle to your print or reproduction. It is far more resilient than the old but beloved FujiFlex medium that it replaces. The new JetFlex thrives on the tough trials of public-display applications, such as hands-on displays in high-traffic trade show booths.

Don't let this medium's strong physical properties distract you from its vibrant visual attributes. Unlike most plastics for printing, JetFlex is designed to render continuous-tone images. It will give your print the look of a dye-and-bleach process — a look reminiscent of Cibachrome.

JetFlex is a superb choice for images with striking contrast. It provides a rich tonal range and stunning colors. Its unusually wide tonal range enhances color prints and reproductions, while adding punch to black-and-white images.

JetFlex is rated at 97% opacity, 90% ISO whiteness and 260 gsm weight.

Polyester Film Pricing

Size First copy on
polyester sheet
up to
9.3 x 14"
11 x 14" $36
11.3 x 17" $42
14 x 17" $52
13.3 x 20" $60
16 x 20" $72
16 x 24" $79
18 x 24"
20 x 25"
Size First copy on
polyester sheet
20 x 30" $114
24 x 30" $128
24 x 32"
24 x 36"
30 x 40"
32 x 45"
44 x 50" $288
44" by
truly humongous
Please call

Not every 'standard' size for photo prints is shown in the tables above. If your print size is not shown, then our price is what's shown for the next higher size. Or you might find it easier to use the section above with square-inch pricing.

Unless you specify otherwise, we deliver your print with a 1 inch margin on all four sides. You pay for the printed area, not including the margin.

We can make odd-size prints, e.g., for photographers who use the 'golden ratio' for their aspect ratio. For such prints, our price is what is shown here for the next larger size. Or you might find it easier to use the section above with square-inch pricing.

We can make your print as small as you want. However any size up to and including 9.3 by 14 inches is the same price. So dream big!

We highly recommend you request an 8 by 10 inch proof before making large prints or reproductions. We will proof on your specific paper selection for only $25 each, which includes any requested image adjustments.

When you order 2 to 9 prints of the same image at the same size your discount is 10% (as shown). For 10 or more prints your discount is 20% (not shown).

We typically charge $25 per order for packing and shipping. We may charge more if your order includes a print or reproduction larger than 20 x 24 inches, or if you select a shipping option other than FedEx Ground or OnTrac.

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